Moist Mag hits frieze with Sophie

Moist Mag hit up Frieze London, one of the world’s leading contemporary art fairs, the other day and we fucking loved it. Having received a series of press passes we thought it right to attend the event and admire some art. Were going to be real with you, we had no fucking idea who/what we were looking at but  Moist Mag being Moist we followed babe Sophie Lola as she scanned the show for aesthetically worthy visuals for her Instagram and had the livest time. The cutest girl, in front of the funkiest art, whats not to love! read on for an insight of our experience as we dampened the art scene.

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ToandTO x Youth Worldwide

Youth Worldwide is a global creative outfit that celebrates design in all forms. Their network consists of creatives from all corners of the globe to come together and execute the unique vision of a global studio culture. Set to release their 1st official collection in January 2016, YWW have pulled inspiration from Japanese culture infused with a Swiss Post Modern minimalist style to create an eclectic balanced blend of original designs, visuals and silhouettes.
ToandTO collaborate with Youth to host unique and curious events based on their body of work. We’ll be working with the outfit to release their official collection in January 2016. From there we’ll be working towards the first ToandTO x Youth festival in the summer which is going to be beautiful.
Here’s a little pre-shoot of their T-shirt ‘Drop out of art school’ and tote bags, collaborating with ToandTo to release their first collection coming out  in January 2016.’ Check it out! Continue reading


You might recognise Vijat’s shots if you’ve walked down Times Square or near the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and looked up at the billboards, but you were probably too busy staring at your phone. So, we decided to interview the famed yet pretty concealed photographer ourselves so you know what you’ve been missing.  Having shot clientele from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez to our favourites Nicole Richie, Waris Ahluwalia and Liam Hemsworth; Moist Mag shoots some questions toward Vijat- picking apart his ultra modernist and hyper synthetic aesthetic” and discussing the not-so-diverse image culture of LA.

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JumpFromPaper’s newest collection of bags pay tribute to 90s fashion, featuring stripes, tartan and a primary color palette. The Taipei-based fashion accessory brand creating 2D “cartoon”- style bags, announces the release of its AW15 collection. Taking inspiration from cult [classic] teen movie Clueless, JumpFromPaper’s featuring collection is a throwback to the heyday of sassy nineties fashion. Check it out! jumpb Continue reading

Meet the Party Babes: Girli

Moist Mag obvi loves to party, we’ve trecked from North to East looking for vibes and some ‘sick tunes’ and the people we meet during our nights out are insane. So we thought it right to introduce you to them! Meet Girli
, Singer/Rapper aged 17  making digital glitch pop and rap as well as being pink as Fuck, this ‘Bad Gal’ was found in the basement of Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Dressed in an all pink adidas tracksuit and hunky Buffalo Shoes, we obvs became BFFs in like 2 mins, raving in the corridor before she dashed off to party. We wanted more of this pink goddess so invited her on set with Moist Mag Babes, photographer Denelle Kennedy and stylist Ahida Agirre, read on to find out where and how Girli Parties as well as a full editorial featuring duck lips, gum and a fuck load of pink!

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 Based out of Texas, Moist Mag gets to know photographer and artist Irby Pace whose work can be described as a manipulation and magnification of otherwise bypassed spaces; creating a wholly new perspective to be appreciated in the neglected corners of the world. “The floating phenomenons in my photographs fill the void of the urban and natural landscapes”. Having been featured in Huffington Post, Paper City Mag & Austere among countless others, Irby talks to us about inspiration, visually capturing ideas, spontaneity versus organised shots and what it takes to follow photography professionally. From Brooklyn to Tennessee, check out the voids and verbs below.

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Over many years of fighting for equality, a fight which remains ongoing and even opposed, there has been an issue which I feel has become only more and more upsetting and important in the day to day life of being a kick ass female on planet earth. This issue, or rather perfectly natural part of any human being (because yeah, women are human beings!) is the worryingly taboo topic of female body hair. 

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